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Why choose Canadian health products

Canada is not only an extremely developed country in medical pharmacy and nutrition, but the quality of health care products is among the best in the world. The bottom line is the strict management of the national health care product market: production, approval, certification, quality control and supervision are more scientific, and regulations And the review procedures are more stringent and standardized. The purpose of this is to allow manufacturers and businesses to objectively and realistically introduce the functions of health care products through legal channels, resolutely sanction exaggerated publicity and prevent magical health care functions, so as not to mislead or deceive consumers.

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Bone and Joint Enhancement Health Products Related Knowledge

Bone health products on the market are mainly divided into two categories, namely unilateral bone health products and compound bone health products. What is the difference between a unilateral health food and a compound health food? The so-called unilateral means that there is only one ingredient formula. The unilateral product is aimed at people who lack it, and it will be effective at the initial stage. If taken as a nutritional supplement for a long time, it will definitely break the imbalance of the body; For people who are not deficient in this nutrient, it is more likely to cause nutritional imbalance. Moreover, human health requires balanced nutrition. In this regard, compound products can complement the advantages of multiple ingredients,...

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南极洲是地球上唯一没有受到污染的大陆。南极大陆被誉为“洁白无瑕”的世界,地球上的最后一块“净土”。南极大陆周围的海洋被称为富饶、洁净的“海上牧场”。 南极磷虾营养价值极高,是人类至今发现的含蛋白质最高的生物,蛋白质含量达百分之五十以上,而且还含有极为丰富的人体组织所必需的氨基酸和维生素A。 

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保健品 , 吃还是不吃 ? 别纠结, 看完后你就知道了 !


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How to identify certified Canadian health products

Pretending to be authoritative R&D institutions is a common tactic in the marketing of bone health products. The purpose is to package products more "tall", deceive consumers' trust, and attract middle-aged and elderly people to buy. In fact, such products have no relevant government health food testing and production standards certification, no production batch number, and no information on the production place or manufacturer is indicated on the packaging. 

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