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The most stringent approval
Each health care product with a specific formula in Canada must apply for an independent NPN number. The applicant must submit detailed information including the product's medicinal ingredients, source, effect, non-medicinal ingredients and recommended dosage population to Health Canada, The latter will complete the review within 60 days from the date of receipt of the materials and issue product licenses to those who meet the requirements.

The most natural ingredients, no chemicals
The first letter "N" of the NPN code stands for natural. The first condition for NPN certification is to use pure natural raw materials. This raw material regulatory standard is the most stringent in the North American market and is unique in the world. Government departments will "nationalize" the review and interpretation of key elements such as the functions, efficacy and side effects of health products.

The strictest production regulations
The production of Canadian health care products must not only comply with the world health GMP production standards, but also comply with the more stringent regulations of Health Canada to ensure that their products are always of high quality, from batch to batch, for their intended use, and ultimately The product is not contaminated and the consistency of its products is ensured, thereby preventing end users from being harmed.

Pretending to be authoritative R&D institutions is a common tactic in the marketing of bone health products. The purpose is to package products more "tall", deceive consumers' trust, and attract middle-aged and elderly people to buy. In fact, such products have no relevant government health food testing and production standards certification, no production batch number, and no information on the production place or manufacturer is indicated on the packaging. When choosing bone health products, you should pay attention to choosing products that are certified by government health food testing and production standards. For example, products made in Canada need to check the Canadian Ministry of Health's batch number (NPN).

What is the NPN number?
Canada is one of the countries with the most stringent health food management in the world. After being certified by Health Canada, the 8-digit number issued and obtained is NPN, which is like an ID card for health food.

Why do products need to obtain NPN certification?
The Canadian government requires all health foods sold in Canada to obtain certification issued by Health Canada. For products with NPN numbers, complete and detailed product information is provided to Health Canada, including: ingredients, sources, measurement and strength, recommended intake methods and other relevant detailed information, to give consumers the guarantee of quality, purity, and efficacy.

Check authenticity: check NPN number
Step 1: Enter the NPN query address on the official website of Health Canada

Step 2: Find Search Field in Simple Search and select NPN/DIN-HM*, and enter the NPN 8-digit serial number of the product in Criterion (for example, Ultra Bone Formula 骨加宝): 80058798

Step 3: Click "Search", if the NPN number is correct, the page will show the product information, as shown in the figure below, if the NPN number is false, the query fails

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