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Bone and Joint Enhancement Health Products Related Knowledge

Single vs. Compound
Bone health products on the market are mainly divided into two categories, namely unilateral bone health products and compound bone health products. What is the difference between a unilateral health food and a compound health food? The so-called unilateral means that there is only one ingredient formula. The unilateral product is aimed at people who lack it, and it will be effective at the initial stage. If taken as a nutritional supplement for a long time, it will definitely break the imbalance of the body; For people who are not deficient in this nutrient, it is more likely to cause nutritional imbalance. Moreover, human health requires balanced nutrition. In this regard, compound products can complement the advantages of multiple ingredients, "take the longest and make up for the shortcomings" and meet the human body's needs for multiple nutrients, so that the body can achieve true nutrition balanced.

Formula formula
The production of health care products is like the prescription of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the selection of medicinal materials, the formula ratio between various medicinal materials, the temperature, time, utensils and so on mastered by decoction. The nutrition of the human body must be balanced, and the human body may not be able to absorb the excess nutrients. This is the science of "prescription formula". Good bone health products will specifically study the daily intake of various different ingredients in the human body to find the best nutritional balance value, which is based on the proportion of various ingredients in the design health care products.

Most of the bone health products on the market still use the old technology and old formula of the 90s, commonly known as the "old three" bone health products: Glucosamine + Chondrotin + MSM organic sulfide. The old formula will eventually be defeated by new research and development results. For example, the most pioneering bone nutrition supplement ingredient in North America, EM eggshell membrane peptide (Natural Eggshell Membrane), is clinically proven to relieve the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis and other joint disorders. The fastest and most effective natural solution. The pain of bone diseases is unbearable, and long-term use of prescription drugs and analgesics has great side effects. When choosing bone health products, natural ingredients should be selected, such as naturally extracted bromelain (Bromelai), which is an extract from bromeliad plants The obtained enzyme can promote blood circulation, eliminate various inflammations, and is a natural analgesic. In addition, it can be combined with collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM organic sulfide, and a balanced supplement of various nutrients to more effectively promote the production and repair of cartilage, and treat and alleviate bone diseases.

Prescribe the right medicine
There are many types of bone health products, so you must choose the right health products and prescribe the right medicine. The EM egg membrane peptide, chondrotin and other ingredients introduced above are mainly used for bone hyperplasia (bone spurs); arthritis; osteoporosis; rheumatoid arthritis and other bone and joint diseases. Due to the poor dietary habits of modern people, excessive intake of purine foods will decompose purine into uric acid. When the body accumulates too much uric acid, uric acid crystals are deposited in the joints and cause joint inflammation. We call it "gout". It is necessary to take health care products with "deacidification", "acid reduction" and "acid removal" effects. For example, the natural acid-removing ingredient "celery seed", "celery seed" as a mild diuretic, can promote the excretion of uric acid from the body and relieve the symptoms of gout and arthritis. It can also effectively promote metabolism and detoxify. It contains a large amount of vitamin B, a variety of minerals, choline, monobasic acid, magnesium, potassium ions, glycoside fiber, regulates the normal metabolism of purines and inhibits the formation of uric acid. , Promote the excretion of uric acid, dissolve gout stones, and repair diseased arthritis.

Certification authority
The bone health products of Wonder Pharmaceuticals of Canada are certified by the strict Health Canada (Health Canada), produced by a cGMP pharmaceutical factory, and are clinical-level high-efficiency bone health products. The effective content of the label is 100% tested by the Canadian Nutrition and Health Department.

Bone plus treasure
In clinical trials, it is proved that the EM egg membrane peptide contained in Gujiabao can quickly reduce joint pain and stiffness, and effectively improve the range of joint motion. In two clinical trials, it was found that after supplementing with EM egg membrane peptides, one-third of the study participants showed that they experienced significant improvement in joint mobility within only 7 days! After 30 days, they all said that they could no longer feel the pain before! At the same time, it has been proved by medical clinical trials that EM egg membrane peptide has no potential drug resistance and side effects, and can be taken with peace of mind.

Ultra Bone Formula

can provide all the nutrients needed for cartilage-EM egg membrane peptide + bone collagen + glucosamine + chondroitin + bromelain + MSM + hyaluronic acid and other natural powerful formulas, multiple guarantees to repair cartilage tissue, strengthen bones, and relieve pain The overall effect of anti-inflammatory. High physiological utilization rate, high activity, easy absorption: No matter how much supplement is better, the body absorbs the key. Ultra Bone Formula original and high-efficiency formula is based on the purpose of high body absorption. All the active ingredients are processed at low temperature through a special patented process to retain the natural activity and molecular structure of the effective ingredients to the greatest extent, and can replenish bones, joints, and nails. All kinds of important nutrients needed.

Scope of application
Bone hyperplasia (bone spurs); arthritis; cervical spondylosis; frozen shoulder; tennis elbow; osteoporosis; rheumatoid arthritis; rheumatoid arthritis; fracture repair; lumbar disc herniation and other bone and joint diseases.

people suitable
-People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, bone spurs, joint pain, swelling and other bone diseases-People who need to increase bone density and bone toughness-People who have no obvious effects of long-term calcium supplementation and collagen-Osteoporosis people-Degeneration Arthritis patients-middle-aged and elderly, young people who want to save their bones.

Max Gout Relief

The raw materials of Max Gout Relief are classified and miniaturized using advanced technology, and combined with technical processing, the unique and powerful ingredients "Seller deacidase", "high-efficiency purine cataractase" and effective diuretic function are extracted. It makes full use of the functions of "deacidification", "acid reduction" and "acid removal".

The celery seed in Max Gout Relief contains 50 times the blood pressure and lipid-lowering components of celery. Through its diuretic function, Max Gout Relief eliminates excess uremia, salt and impurities in the body, and is effective for people with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It can slow down the production of purines and inhibit the participation in inflammation, thereby alleviating pain and discomfort: Max Gout Relief can produce many auxiliary enzymes in the body, the main ones are to inhibit inflammatory enzymes and xanthine oxidase. Xanthine oxidase can prevent uric acid caused by azathioprine crystals in the human body, and control the content of uric acid in the human body by controlling azathioprine crystals, and prevent excessive uric acid from affecting gout. Inhibition of inflammatory enzymes is mainly to maintain the lubricating fluid through the control of bones and joints, to prevent inflammation and prevent joint diseases such as arthritis.

people suitable

Gout, numbness of limbs, rheumatic low back and leg pain, poor resistance, cold hands and feet.

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