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Wonder Ultra Bone Formula —Unique bone and joint nutrition

The bone and joint health products on the market are basically Collagen, Chondroitin, and Glucose sulfate. The formula of [Wonder Ultra Bone Formula] has taken a big step forward. It not only uses second-generation hydrolyzed collagen peptides, but also incorporates the world's latest scientific and technological achievements NEW ( Natural eggshell membrane) ingredients (called joint lubricants in the scientific community), so its effect is completely extraordinary !

Wonder Ultra Bone Formula

Want to understand the principle of 【Ultra Bone Formula】? Let's start with the formation and treatment mechanism of arthropathy.

Joints are like wheels. If you brake frequently and have a lot of friction, you will be reimbursed early. And degenerative arthritis is not only aging, but also inflammation factors. Due to the worn-out cartilage, it will be broken down into inflammation in the joints. Material, repeated inflammation causes joint swelling, pain, joint deformation, bone spur hyperplasia, often painful intolerance, loss of mobility. The survey found that one-third of people around the age of 50 suffer from osteoarthritis (OA), which is a natural damage and aging phenomenon of articular cartilage. Osteoarthritis is a general term for degenerative (degenerative), rheumatic, and other nearly 100 types of connective tissue inflammation or articular cartilage degeneration.


The primary cause of degenerative arthritis is the wear of the ribs on the joint surface, which results in the thinning of the tibial layer and the reduction of the joint space, which can easily cause wear to the tibia. If it occurs in the knee joint, someone will squat and cannot get up. Under normal circumstances, joint problems are no longer a patent for the elderly. Office workers or students who do not exercise frequently and sit continuously with computer money have gradually become vulnerable to arthritis due to the long-term maintenance of the same posture.


Bone spurs or bone hyperplasia are caused by the loss of bone in the human body, and the bone building system will create new bone to make up for it. In other locations, such as cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, knees, elbow joints, etc., new bone grows, which is bone hyperplasia and bone spurs. At the same time, over time, the cartilage gradually wears and becomes thinner, and the bone and the bone are directly rubbed together, and the peripheral cartilage surface appears "compensatory" proliferation and hypertrophy, and bone spurs or bone hyperplasia will also be formed.

How does a herniated disc form? According to its severity, lumbar disc herniation is generally divided into four types: bulging, herniation, prolapse, and free: 1. bulging of the intervertebral disc, partial rupture of the fibrocartilage ring of the intervertebral disc, compressing the surrounding tissue; 2. herniation of the intervertebral disc, severe rupture of the multilayer fibrocartilage ring , The nucleus pulposus protrudes from the rupture, causing adjacent nerves to be stimulated or compressed; 3. The intervertebral disc prolapses, a large piece of nucleus pulposus prolapses, but the prolapsed intervertebral disc tissue is still connected with the original intervertebral disc tissue; 4. The free nucleus pulposus intervertebral disc prolapses, prolapses The nucleus pulposus tissue completely leaves the fibrous annulus cleft, free in the spinal canal. After 30 years of age, human intervertebral discs begin to undergo degenerative changes, and the toughness and elasticity of the multilayer fibrocartilage ring gradually decrease. If some factors cause the intervertebral disc to withstand a sudden increase in pressure, and the multilayer fibrocartilage ring ruptures, it may induce waist Herniated disc. Common predisposing factors include: sudden weight bearing (as the saying goes "flashing the waist"), incorrect posture, increased abdominal pressure, pregnancy, cold and moisture.

herniated disc

It can be seen that the most important cause of various joint diseases: One of the reasons: Frayed cartilage

As age grows, it is inevitable. In addition to reducing strenuous exercise and avoiding joint injuries, additional nutrition becomes the only option. So what needs to be added? The main components of human articular cartilage, epiphyseal cartilage and trabecular bone, 70% to 86% of skeletal organisms are collagen, so collagen has naturally become the most widely used application. Collagen is also called structural protein, which accounts for 30% to 40% of the total body protein. It is distributed in the tendons connected by muscles, cartilage tissue and connective tissue connected by joints, and the dermis of the skin. It is very helpful to maintain the toughness of bones, the coordination of human movement and the elasticity of the skin. However, not all types of collagen are easily absorbed by bones. Ordinary collagen is composed of three very long chains of more than 1,000 amino acids, which are twisted into a spiral. This tightly twisted helix gives collagen the strength to strengthen our body, but it is difficult to break down during digestion and is too large to pass through the intestinal wall. Therefore, in the unhydrolyzed full-length form, collagen is not Effective oral supplement.

hydrolyzed collagen II

[Wonder Ultra Bone Formula] uses hydrolyzed collagen Ⅱ peptide, which is made by breaking down the full-length chain of amino acids to form short-chain amino acids through a process called hydrolysis, which can be digested and absorbed by the body, and collagen peptides will spread in the body Repair, rebuild and provide energy. Collagen peptides are shuttled to different tissues, where cells will construct peptides into full-length collagen helices to repair bones and joints, or cells can directly use amino acids for energy.

More importantly, [Wonder Ultra Bone Formula] has added a unique ingredient: NEM (Natural Eggshell Membrane). Its unique and effective ingredients are undoubtedly the nemesis of bone and joint diseases! See the picture [a picture to understand the magic of bone plus treasure].

The main component of egg membrane peptide is Peptide Matrix (soluble eggshell membrane), which is a unique water-soluble supplement and rich in collagen and elastin. The main active ingredients contained are: collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin, transforming growth factor-β, catenin and isocatenin. Elastin is essential for cartilage, skin, cardiovascular disease, and spinal health. As its name implies, the elastic tension of elastic tissue, the ability to return to its shape after stretching. Elastic fibers mainly exist in ligaments and vessel walls. Elastic fibers and collagen fibers co-exist, giving tissues elasticity and tensile strength. Glucosamine: Glucosamine, a substance synthesized in the human body, is an important nutrient for the formation of cartilage cells, and a natural tissue component of healthy joint cartilage.

Egg membrane peptide is a nutritional supplement that can maintain the healthy cartilage and synovium in the joints. It contains mucopolysaccharides (providing the effect of protecting joints) and proteins needed for joints and connective tissues. Therefore, it may be an effective and safe way to relieve knee pain and stiffness. According to the research report, natural egg membrane peptides reduced the average pain score and stiffness score by 15.9% and 12.8 within 10 days.
Experts strongly recommend natural eggshell membrane peptides. After a number of clinical reports, they not only have significant effects, but also have no side effects. They have helped many patients with joint problems restore healthy joints! NEM (Natural Eggshell Membrane) has been reported by many medical clinics, not only The effect is remarkable, and there are no side effects, helping many patients with joint problems to restore healthy joints!

Reason two: inflammation

To eliminate inflammation is not easy, and severely requires medication or injection treatment. Health products cannot replace the effects of drugs. But [Wonder Ultra Bone Formula] has added bromelain with anti-inflammatory effects, which is rich in proteases, phosphatase, peroxidase, etc. Bromelain has many clinical functions, such as anti-inflammatory, improving joint and muscle damage, removing necrotic tissue from wounds, reducing joint inflammation and pain, and improving digestive and respiratory functions. In addition, studies have also found that it has the effects of enhancing immunity and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. For mild symptoms, the enzyme content in Gujiabao has been able to adapt. Wonder Naturals also has specialized premium enzymes with stronger effects and more functions.

In summary, the powerful scientific formula and carefully selected high-quality natural materials have achieved the unique effects of [Wonder Ultra Bone Formula].

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