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Wonder Maple Syrup

Wonder Maple Syrup

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Amber color, Rich and Pure taste


• The maple leaf syrup produced by Canada Wonder Wonder Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is amber and produces
Since Quebec, it is one of Canada's most famous specialties.
• Each 60ml syrup contains 4mg polyphenols, with standard amber
It has a richer maple flavor.
• This maple syrup is as sweet as honey, has a unique flavor, and is rich in minerals.
Unique natural nutrition products. At the same time maple syrup has low calories,
The anti-oxidant characteristics are suitable for diabetics to eat properly.

100% pure maple syrup without added flavor, coloring, preservative
The agent is from the natural collection of organic maple trees at Joseph Farm in Quebec.
• Obtained Canadian Food Safety Agency certification, Canadian organic food
Product certification, 100% green organic certification.
• Identified as the premium amber maple syrup and can be eaten directly

Product ingredients: pure plant extract food, containing 50
A variety of rich nutrients.
• Product grade: A grade
• Suitable for people who eat:
• Men, women and children
• Vegetarian and
• It is suitable for infants and young children (Honey cannot be consumed by children under 1 year old),
Suitable for
• People with weight loss and people with diabetes should take it appropriately (the Caliro value is lower than honey
About 20%, maple syrup contains amino acids),
• The effect is better for women. Maple syrup is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium and
Organic acids can replenish weak physique with uneven nutrition.

The vitamin B2 content of maple sugar is 20 times that of honey.
The calcium content is 10 times that of honey and the sodium content is only
1/10 of honey, maple syrup is not as sweet as honey,
The sugar content is about 66% (the sugar content of honey is about
79%-81%, sugar up to 99.4%), resistant
Free radical substances can delay aging and beauty,
The lignans contained can also relieve menstrual pain in women.


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