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Muti-enzymes and human health

First of all, enzymes are the basis for the occurrence of life, as well as the necessary substances and driving forces for survival, growth and development.
1. Enzymes are the basis of life: humans develop from fertilized eggs. The fertilized eggs are formed by the secretion of acrosin from the sperm, which dissolves the egg membrane and enters the egg. If the sperm cannot secrete this enzyme, they cannot complete the fertilization process, and then life cannot be produced. This is one of the causes of infertility. Not only that, in the process of continuous division and development of fertilized eggs, it depends on the regulation of maternal inoculation enzymes and other digestive and metabolic enzymes. Without these enzymes, the fetus cannot survive, and miscarriage and premature delivery will occur.

2. Enzymes are essential substances for survival, growth and development. After the fetus is delivered, the baby needs to grow and grow into an adult. It needs to build cells, nourish cells, form tissues and organs, carry out life activities, promote the functions of various organs, multiply offspring, slow the aging of the elderly, and continuously build new cells. Instead of senescent cells, they continue to carry out metabolic activities such as digestion and absorption. This series of life activities are all enzymes that play a key role in catalysis and regulation at all times, requiring the participation of various enzymes thousands of times. It is an indispensable and necessary substance in the process of growth and development and the entire life activity process.

3. Enzyme is the driving force of life. Human beings need a large amount of energy supply during life activities. Energy comes from food. The food we eat cannot directly become nutrients and energy. It must be catalyzed and transformed by enzymes. This catalysis and transformation process requires A large number of enzymes are involved. Whether it is a handful of tears, a drop of water, a drop of blood or a granule cell, there are enzymes. From birth to death of the human body, the enzymes of the body are constantly performing their functions. Therefore, enzymes are regarded as a source of health. It is also the source of life.
The human body lacks enzymes, and no matter how much nutrients are taken, it cannot be used by the body. It can also cause metabolic disorders and cause various symptoms.

So what are the benefits of enzymes for our bodies, and what functions does it have?

 1. Adjust the internal environment: This role is to make the blood in the body weakly alkaline, eliminate waste in the body, maintain the balance of intestinal bacteria, strengthen cells, promote digestion, strengthen resistance, and maintain balance in all aspects.

 2. Anti-inflammatory effect: Inflammation is where some cells are injured. Bacteria build nests to treat inflammation. It is an enzyme that transports white blood cells, makes them function well, and gives the injured cells strength.

 3. Antibacterial effect: Enzyme can promote the sterilization of white blood cells, in addition, it has antibacterial effect and can kill bacteria. On the other hand, it also has the effect of promoting cell regeneration, so it can cure diseases fundamentally.

 4. Decomposition: An important function of enzymes. It can eliminate waste accumulated in the affected area or blood vessels and restore normal functions. It can also help digest and absorb food.

 5. Purify the blood: Exhaust the waste in the blood, decompose the inflammatory virus, and decompose the cholesterol that makes the acidic blood, making the blood weakly alkaline, and keeping the blood circulation unblocked forever.

 6. Cell regeneration: It can promote cell metabolism, enhance physical strength, and promote the regeneration of damaged cells. It is the same for any patient. To treat the body, we must rely on the basic natural healing power. The antibiotics of the specific medicine can kill the germs, but cannot produce new cells. At the same time, enzymes will also help our digestive system smoother, relieve constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and at the same time help our body better metabolism, normalize hormonal balance, and supply various nutrients.

Second: Enzymes can prevent the occurrence of modern civilization diseases

1. In human blood vessels, there are enzymes that regulate vasoconstriction and relaxation. We call them angiotensin and vasodilator enzymes. Because of their effects, the blood vessels shrink one by one to complete the role of blood transport and absorption. , Adjust each other to balance blood pressure. If any enzyme is lacking, blood pressure will be unstable, resulting in high blood pressure or low blood pressure. There are fat-dissolving and thrombolytic enzymes in the blood vessels. Therefore, even if we eat a lot of meat and accumulate cholesterol and triglycerides, these lytic enzymes will decompose them without forming thrombotic substances, so they will not occur. heart disease. This is mainly due to the role of protease and urokinase to form fibrinolytic enzyme. This enzyme is used when rescuing patients with cerebral thrombosis. If these enzymes are lacking, thrombotic substances are easily produced and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases occur.

2. Humans produce several cancer bud cells every day due to genetic errors. These cancer bud cells will be discovered by the immune surveillance enzymes in our body's immune system and mobilize defensive white blood cells and phagocytes. Eliminate it, so most people do not develop cancer. However, when the immune function is low, the immune surveillance function is incomplete, that is, the lack of recognition enzymes will miss the cancer bud cells and develop cancer. If the immune function is normal, the monitoring enzyme will be discovered and eliminated in time to achieve the effect of cancer prevention.

3. Diabetes is mainly divided into two types, type one is insulin-dependent, and type two is non-insulin-dependent. The first type is mainly caused by inflammation of the pancreas and excessive immunity during the removal of necrotic cells, so that good pancreatic cells are also used as targets, and scars are formed by injury, which seriously affects the ability of β cells to produce insulin. Therefore, it must Rely on foreign aid. Non-insulin-dependent type is the lack of functional insulin secretion. As long as the β-cell function is improved, the treatment can be achieved. The hypofunction of islets is mainly caused by the lack of metabolic enzymes and hypoglycemic enzymes that regulate islet function. If these enzymes are supplemented, diabetes can be prevented and treated.

The premium active enzymes can help digest and decompose the remaining toxins, and can be discharged in time. Enzymes can improve the body's metabolism, and the metabolic circulation function will not be blocked or destroyed. The lymphatic circulation and other body systems can run smoothly, and the metabolism will naturally accelerate. The accumulated edema is also discharged, the excess fat is broken down, and the weight will naturally not light up. It is you who regain your slim posture and reappear gracefully.

Enzymes have strong antioxidant properties and can protect the skin from free radicals. It can help autoimmune cells to effectively discover, swallow, wrap, and scavenge free radicals and other junk toxins. Without their destruction, the skin will not be damaged. Oxidation produces fine lines, stains, dryness and other aging phenomena, thereby maintaining the best state of whiteness, flexibility and moisture.

If the body has a sufficient quantity and a complete range of metabolic enzymes, it can effectively activate and repair brain cells and restore their damaged functions, so that the information transmission of neurons is smooth and stable, and emotions will naturally not be extreme and out of control. In order to maintain the best state of self-confidence, contentment, calmness and tolerance, your mental state will enable you to face all kinds of situations in life with a smile, calmly and unhurriedly, and elegance naturally radiates from the inside out.
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